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Series A Boos Minted: 164

What is the BooCrew and why Ghosts?
The BooCrew is a collection of NFT's of Images, minted on the Cardano Blockchain. For far too long now, people have been calling Cardano a GhostChain - we should celebrate the release of Smart Contracts by proving them wrong ;)

What is an NFT?
NFT stands for Non-Fungible Tokens, these are essentially unique tokens that are listed on the Blockchain. They differ from Fungible Tokens where the individual units are interchangable. Whereas how for example, Bitcoin (a Fungible Token) is identical in everyway to another Bitcoin - NFT's are both unique and non divisible, allowing them to be used as a digital representation of a specific asset which can be digital or physical. This technology is in its very early stages but appears to be paving the way for digital ownership.

Because of this, it is very important to understand that minting an NFT for the goal of making a profit is a highly speculative activity. Please only mint a Boo if you enjoy the art.

How this Works (Manual Minting) Costs READ ME
Using this page, you can directly Mint a BooCrew NFT to the Cardano Blockchain. To do this, follow the steps below:

Select the number you want to mint and press the Pay With NFT Maker button, wait for ~5 Seconds.

The system then selects a random Boo(s) and reserves a wallet address for the next 20 Minutes.

You then need to follow the instructions in the popup window

The system will listen for reciept of the payment and will mint the nft, setting the owner as the address you send the ADA from.

This may take ~ 20 minutes to validate from the time of sending (and possibly much longer at the moment due to on-chain congestion)
Minting an NFT requires some ADA to be part of the transaction, which is returned to the Minter after Minting.

The final cost to the Minter is amount of ADA listed in the "Ada to Send" Field after pressing the button, minus the 2 ADA which is then returned to your wallet.

Therefore, the NFT price is the listed price, minus 2 ADA.

For example, if the "Ada to Send" is 15 ADA, you will recieve the NFT + 2 ADA, resulting in a net cost of 13 ADA.
PLEASE DO NOT send ADA directly from an exchange as this will cause the transaction to fail, please use a Cardano Wallet such as Nami, Yoroi or Daedalus.

After pressing the button, the address is reserved for 20 minutes ONLY, PLEASE DO NOT send ADA to the address after this time.

Due to the nature of the blockchain, any mistakes made with the purchase cannot be rectified, once the funds are sent, they are gone forever and cannot be returned. PLEASE ENSURE THE ADDRESS IS CORRECT.

It is worth noting that due to their unique nature, NFT markets are illiquid - if you are planning to sell a BooCrew NFT after minting, please understand that you will need to find a specific buyer for that exact NFT.
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